About Us

New Starlight Industries (NSI) is a Singapore incorporated company established since 1970s. We are manufacturer of Lightning Protection & Earthing System and various Electrical Accessories, marketed under our own brand name NSI & NSI-A.

Our products are manufactured and tested in strict accordance to international and local standards such as CP5:1988 (Code of Practice for Electrical Installations), SS555:2018 (Protection Against Lightning), IEC 62305 (Lightning Protection), SS322:1987 (Singapore Standard Specification for Earthing and Bonding), IEC 60998-1 & IEC 60998-2-1 (International Electrotechnical Commission) and other industry codes and specifications as applicable.

By having our own manufacturing facilities in Singapore, we ensure quality consistency to our products & offer fast & flexible response to customers’ requirement for customized products. Over the years, we have accumulated excellent track records and gained outstanding reputation in the market as manufacturer of top-notch quality lightning protection & earthing products and electrical accessories.

Company Profile