LPS Information

Principle components of a conventional structural lightning protection system (LPS) are:
- Air Termination Network
- Down Conductors
- Earth Termination Network
- Bonding (to prevent side flashing)

Air Termination Network

The role of an air termination system is to capture the lightning discharge current and dissipate it harmlessly to earth via the down conductor and the earth termination system.

Down Conductors

Down conductor positioning and distancing is often dictated by architectural constraints. They should be routed as directly as possible from the air termination network to the earth termination network to avoid risks of side flashing.

Earth Termination Network

Each down conductor must have a separate earth termination. Moreover provision should be made in each down conductor, for disconnection from the earth for testing purposes.


All metal work, including water pipes, gas pipes, handrails, air conditioning units, metal cladding, metal roofs etc, in the vicinity of the LPS must be bonded to it, to avoid the danger of side flashing.

For the same reason, the LPS earth should be bonded to the main electrical earth, as well as any other earthing system present in the structure.